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Approve for DeMeet Multi-sensor measuring software

Approve for DeMeet is a true multi-sensor software package, where the difference in sensor origin of the measuring input is limited to only the necessary.
All the measuring results of video and touch probe can be displayed, reported, exported and used in constructs together, and are dynamically updated. The measuring results can also be displayed together in a 3D view. 
Approve for DeMeet is designed to be a user-friendly software package, but is flexible and very elaborate to measure many products.

3D Movements
The 3D motor controller in Approve for DeMeet makes blended, smooth moves which makes the DeMeet run more fluent and faster. The DeMeet also moves during video image processing and other calculations, shortening the measuring time considerably. To eliminate hysteresis, and therefore improving accuracy, an approach direction and distance can be set for video measurements. Pretouch and average touch can be set for touch measurements.

For video measurements our proprietary image processing algorithms were developed, which are completely different from algorithms used by competing products. The edge find algorithm finds complete curves instead of separate points, the interpolation of the pixels is virtually infinite and very accurate. Video targets larger than one field of view can be measured in one program step, and are automatically split into more images and combined for the fitted result. The illumination for video measurements can be set and changed using a graphical control for backlight, coaxial light and ring light.
For touch measurements it is normal that the targets are defined in 3D, but now this is also the case for video measurements. Features (like a circle) can be measured properly even if they are not parallel to the camera (optical) plane. The graphical touch probe configuration editor allows for building a custom configuration for a specific measurement by using an extensive touch probe library. Settings can be defined and shared between measuring steps which greatly reduces the complexity of a measuring program.

Measuring Program
A measuring program in Approve for DeMeet is a graphical program consisting of simple program steps. Program steps can be changed, added, copied, moved and removed very easily, inputs of a program step can be easily changed or linked to other results by using drag-and-drop. A program can be verified by running it step by step, even a single program step can be run for verification. After running a program step an icon appears behind it to indicate its status.

Results, Report and Export
Results from measurements and calculations (constructs, fits, etc.) as well as from other program steps can be added to an export or report and saved or printed as PDF or CSV file for further analysis. If tolerances are used for a result a graphical tolerance bar is shown. Results and reports can be automatically printed or exported at the end of a measuring program run.

PTB software evaluation
Evaluation software for coordinate measuring machines.
The accuracy of the evaluation software was verified by comparing the results obtained from the software with reference results supplied by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig, Germany).
The Approve for DeMeet software has been placed in the class of the smallest deviations.

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