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We are located on the Industry site Winschoterdiep ("Industrieterrein Winschoterdiep") in the south-east part of Groningen.

Coordinates: Longitude 6 36 3 Latitude 53 12 0

Train connection from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Groningen

There is a direct train connection from Schiphol Airport to Groningen. Trainplanner:
Ticket office is located in the arrival hall (main hall) of Schiphol Airport. Go downstairs for the train platforms.

Recommended hotels

The Market Hotel
Grote Markt 31
9712 HS Groningen
Tel: +31-(0)50-2074600

Bastion Hotel Groningen

Bornholmstraat 99
9723 AW Groningen
Tel: +31-(0)50-5414977

Martini Hotel
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8
9711 HG Groningen
Tel: +31-(0)50-3129919

Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv

(Schut Geometrical Metrology)

Duinkerkenstraat 21

9723 BN Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)50-5877877

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