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DF is a new fixture system developed and produced by Schut and designed for building 3D product fixtures, particularly for optical measurements.

Solid product positioning is essential for accurate measurements. DF is very easy to mount with single-screw couplings to build fixtures with a high repeatability and to realize a short lead-time for measuring jobs.

DF consists of a full range of fixture components: bars, connection components and fixing components. Produced from extruded or machined AlMgSi1 aluminum with either a black or silver anodized finishing. The black anodized version avoids light reflections. The silver components can be applied when light reflections from the fixture are required.

DF is a universal fixture system and can be mounted on any type of measuring machine. With special couplings the system is fully compatible with the measuring tables of the DeMeet video and multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines.

DF is available in separate components and in three basic sets, in black or silver finishing.

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