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Optical measurements
Optical measurements are performed using the camera system, optics and adjustable illumination. Due to the non-contact nature of the measurements there is no risk of product deformation. Optical measuring is very suitable for products with fine structures and contact sensitive products.
Another advantage of optical measurements is that edge information can be defined directly with high density of measuring points. Within the field of view of the DeMeet a very high accuracy can be achieved.

Optical system
A combination of high quality telecentric optics and DeMeet Sony sensor camera is integrated for a clear image with an excellent contrast and a high resolution. In combination with the image processing functionality of the DeMeet, this results in highly accurate measurements. 
Telecentric optics are supplied as a standard to avoid perspective image distortion around the center of the field of view. The DeMeet is either equipped with Nikon, Leica-Design or Mitutoyo optics with a large working distance for a brilliant image with high contrast providing optimal edge detection. The lenses with various magnifications from 1x to 10x are available and can be exchanged during a measuring run, generating a range in display magnification from 40x to 400x.

Combo preparation
With the option “prepared for Combo” a Video machine can be upgraded on a later date to a multi-sensor measuring machine for combined video (optical) and touch probe (contact) measurements. For upgrading of a Combo prepared machine on a later date a Combo upgrade pack can be ordered.

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