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Multi-sensor technology

Multi-sensor measurements
The increasing miniaturization and complexity of product features results in more difficult measuring and inspection procedures. Measuring systems equipped for only optical or contact measurements are often no longer sufficient, in which case multi-sensor measuring machines are required for optimal geometrical quality control.
When measuring certain features encounters the physical limits of non-contact measurement, the DeMeet video machines can be additionally equipped with a touch probe system (contact measuring system).
With the DeMeet Combo model both optical and contact measuring principles are seamlessly integrated and measurements can be performed by the optical and the probing system within one measuring run and even within one feature. Touch probe measurements can also be useful to create a complex 3D product alignment.

Probe modules and styli
Standard a Renishaw TP20 system with a 5-way stylus configuration is supplied. On request various probe modules, systems and stylus configurations are available. Multiple probe modules can be used to leave the stylus configuration on the module to achieve a shorter set-up time for measurements requiring other stylus configurations. 
In addition to the standard touch probe system, an optional stylus change rack (automatic probe configuration change) can be utilized. With the stylus change rack probe modules can automatically be exchanged within one measuring run.

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