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Fixture systems

Fixture systems
Solid positioning of a measuring object with a fixture system is essential for accurate measurements and the fixing pattern can also be used for batch measurements.

DF product fixture system
DF-System is a fixture system developed and produced by Schut and designed for constructing 3D product fixtures, particularly for optical measurements, and is fully compatible with the measuring table of the DeMeet measuring machines. The DF-system is an easy to mount measurement fixture system and especially developed to use the most of the illumination possibilities for optical measurements. Easy to mount with single-screw couplings to build fixtures with a high repeatability and to realize a short set-up time for measuring tasks.
DF-System consists of a full range of fixture components: bars, connection components and fixing components. Produced from extruded or machined aluminum with either a black or silver anodized finishing. Technically the difference is only applicable for optical measurements in relation to (un)desirable light reflection.

Alufix fixture system
Alufix is a flexible fixture system made of high-tensile aluminum. Alufix is a uniquely designed modular fixture system to prepare a product-fixture in a short time and is easy to mount and specially suitable for fixtures for heavier measuring objects. A wide range of components is available that can be combined to complete your measuring fixture such as base plates, bars, chucks, rotary plates, centers, magnetic holders, v-blocks, vises and optical targets.

Custom fixture systems for the DeMeet measuring machines 
When products need to be measured in a batch and a standard fixture system does not provide the right solution for example caused by the extraordinary shape or small dimensions of the product, a custom made fixture can provide the solution. This is especially the case for products that need to be measured optically. 
A certain repeatability of product positioning in the fixture is important for a quick set-up time in for example the production environment. We can assist you in the development and manufacturing of a custom fixture. There is a range of possibilities, from machined fixturing positions in acryl glass to magnet and vacuum fixture systems.

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