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Design and quality

The application of quality components made by Schut and by well-known, specialized manufacturers ensures excellent performance and high accurate measurements.
With the new design of the DeMeet measuring machine series no concessions have been made to accuracy and reliability. The new visually screwless cover design provides a better protection in the production environment and is highlighted with nickel-plated aluminum details which can be personalized. The open design of the DeMeet allows for easy operation and loading of the machine from all sides.
The accuracy of the DeMeet measuring machines is guaranteed by a CAA 3D correction model (Computer-Aided Accuracy, error compensation).

Machine construction
The DeMeet 3D CNC coordinate measuring machines are designed with a proven fixed bridge construction and moveable measuring table for high accuracy and accessibility. The completely covered drive system and integrated damping make the DeMeet machines very suitable for inline measuring on the production floor.
The construction is a granite base plate with accuracy grade according to DIN 876/00, placed on well positioned shock absorbing points and resting on a welded base frame (for the DeMeet-220 the base plate is flat grinded cast iron). The XYZ base structure for the THK precision preloaded caged ball linear guides is made from extremely tension relieved, flat grinded cast iron, as the basis for a mechanical accurate construction. The axis drive system consists of Faulhaber high torque DC servo motors, TFE coated Kerk lead screws and Renishaw TONIC optical linear encoders with low sub-divisional error. The measuring table is made of tension relieved, wear-resistant, nickel-plated steel, with a mounting hole pattern for product fixtures and a flat aligned glass plate. The video model consists of a DeMeet camera with a Sony sensor and a telecentric optical system. In addition to the optical system the Combo model is equipped with a Renishaw touch probe system.

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